Friday, February 17, 2017

Solar Energy Philippines, Slow Start But Going Strong Today

The Start of Solar Energy Use in the Philippines

In 2010, two thirds of the whole electricity consumption in the Philippines came from fossil fuels, 21% came from hydroelectric plants and only a mere 13% came from other renewable sources, one of which is solar energy Philippines. Being in a sunny country like the Philippines, it is such a dismay that only very few are utilizing the clean and sustainable energy from the sun. And this ignorance of solar power came from being uneducated about its benefits and uses and lack of support from the government.

·         Support from the government and business sectors

In recent years solar power became a subject of interest in the Philippine government, as well as in the commercial sector. Because of this, laws aiming for the increase use of renewable energy sources were passed. And the people started getting to know more about the sun’s energy and its benefits.

Business establishments started installing solar panels on their rooftops to supply their electricity in a cleaner way. And the government started utilizing solar power systems for government buildings and projects. This gave way to the rise of solar street light and some solar plants, to name a few.

·         Homes going solar

Electricity in the Philippines is already an expensive commodity without its continuing price increase. But costs still go up endlessly as seen on your monthly electric bill. There may be times when the electricity rates go down, but you can count on it to increase in the next month or so. In fact, Philippine electricity is one of the most expensive in the world.

Aside from remote areas in the provinces without electricity since they can’t be reached by local electric companies, some families in metro cities don’t have electricity in their homes as well because they can’t afford it.

With more information on solar power, people started to realize the advantages they reap when they go solar. From the decrease in monthly bills, to the lesser carbon emission, the Filipino people began to acknowledge solar power and started going solar. The government also found ways to distribute solar energy in electricity deprived remote areas in the form of solar lights.

Booming Solar Industry

The Philippines’ bright future on solar power gave way for many solar power companies to expand their businesses all over the country.

Many milestones on solar power have been reached recently by different sectors in the Philippines and continue to do so. And many people are now asking about solar systems and where to buy solar panels. You can visit SOLREV Energy for answers to these queries. Make sure you contact reputable companies like SOLREV for your solar needs. 

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