Friday, February 3, 2017

Solar Powered Generator, The Current Trend in Backup Power

Generators are indeed useful in our lives, especially in cases of power outage, and now, it boils down to choosing between a gas generator and solar powered generator. Solar power has been around for as long as we can remember but using it as an energy source was only recently recognized. And we are very thankful for that. We have been taking the sun for granted, not knowing the many benefits we can gain from it.

How Does a Solar Generator Work

A solar generator consists of solar panels, batteries,a charge regulator, and an inverter. Here’s how it works:

1.    Sunlight absorbed by the solar panels is converted into electricity and sent to the charge regulator.

2.    The charge regulator stores electricity into the batteries and stops only when they are full.

3.    The inverter then takes the direct current electricity and converts it into alternating current electricity, which is the kind you need at home.

The process of how solar generators work is pretty simple with no moving parts, that’s why it is perfect for your homes.

Advantages of Solar Generators

·         It is a very convenient and silent device.  Its parts are not easily worn out which makes for its low maintenance keep.

·         It is environment friendly because it doesn’t burn fuel and don’t cause pollution.
·         It can run all day and night without any input once it is up to full speed. During daytime, electricity charges the solar battery and at night, it powers your equipment.

Choosing Between Fuel and Solar Generators

Choosing a generator will depend on its use or the situation you are in. Most people usually get a generator so they can be prepared during blackouts. Others get it for use during camping or when they go to electricity-deprived areas.

Fuel or gas generators are fairly small but have great amount of power. However, these machines can get pretty noisy and the amount of pollution they emit will make you feel ashamed of using it. Because of this, many are turning to solar generators.

Solar power in the Philippines just recently became popular, but the pace of it commercialization is quite fast. Many will be using it in their homes, commercial establishments, factories, and other uses in no time. And solar companies like Solrev Energy will be here to supply their solar equipment.

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