Friday, February 10, 2017

Where is the Future of Solar Power in the Philippines Heading?

Solar power in the Philippines is strongly poking at the average person’s interest nowadays. The use of renewable energy is greatly supported by the government and many laws have been passed regarding the use of cleaner energy sources. Being more informed and educated regarding this energy source has led to more people gaining interest in it and actually making use of solar power.

Before, photovoltaic systems were only used by the wealthier members of society as a source of electricity in their homes and by huge business corporations to power their establishments. Today, however, even middle class families, knowing that the advantages of going solar outweigh its disadvantages, have chosen to use solar power for home use. Many different businesses also opted to use solar energy.

Benefits of Solar Power

Because of better information dissemination and more education directed at solar energy and the photovoltaic systems, many people from different levels in the society  started installing solar panels in their homes’ and other buildings’ rooftops. And even more people are getting interested in its use as well.

Knowing the many benefits that can be gained from solar power has been the deciding factor for people to go solar. Some of these benefits include:

·         This is an investment that pays for itself in an average of 7 years and sill still work for you for up to 25 years.

·         Solar power systems will cut your monthly electric bill significantly.

·         You will be able to help the environment by greatly decreasing your carbon emission.

Recent  Undertakings in the Solar Power industry

Solar power in the Philippines has achieved many milestones in recent years. Some of these are:
·         Two malls in Iloilo City have gone solar just this January 2017.

·         The Calatagan solar farm started operations in March 2016. It is the largest solar farm in Luzon.
·         Three solar plants also begun operating. These are the Negros Occidental, Tarlac, and Davao solar projects.

The Future of Solar Power

With the innovations and cost reduction in solar power systems, many people can now easily get their hands on solar power systems. And with the government making partnerships with solar power companies, the future is bright for the solar power industry. Solar installer Philippines, Solrev Energy for one, is committed to providing the best equipment along with education on solar energy. 

We may see more schools, hospitals and other buildings go solar soon. And, hopefully, our fellowmen in remote places without any electricity will soon be reached by solar industries. You can visit Solrev Energy to know more about this company.

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